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A high loop sounds like a code word for something, but it’s actually an essential structure people from different states need in their dishwasher drains. It makes sure you have an air gap and prevents many issues.

What’s a High Loop and Why It Creates an Air Gap

You have a high loop in your sink when the dishwasher drain is elevated just before it connects to the sink kitchen drain.

When you have a high drain loop in your dishwasher, its form should be very close to the side of the cabinet so it creates an air gap. Its job is to maintain air gaps in the upper part of the pipe. When a high loop is installed correctly, the drain hose is on the back of the P trap but never on it. You should also keep the garbage disposal in mind.

Experts don’t recommend that the hose be placed on the back or the side of the garbage disposal. If your drain hose ends in disposal, you risk having issues when you turn on your dishwater. For example, it can send dirty water back through your drain line.

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The Importance of a Dishwasher High Loop

The main purpose of a high loop is to prevent contaminated water from going from your sink to your dishwasher. It could help you avoid many common issues related to siphoning problems or even a minor flood.

Your dishwasher needs a high loop to handle food residue. Each time you put in some dirty plates, correct plumbing prevents foul odors from affecting your kitchen. Once you get it installed, you don’t have to worry about contamination.

If you don’t install one, your sink and your whole area can get in contact with dirty water or foul odors. Your high loop facilitates the disposal of unwanted elements through the sink drain system and can prevent future issues.

How to Install a High Loop in Your Dishwasher Drain

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To guarantee a correct and quick high loop installation, walk to your countertop, search for the dishwasher hose. First, you need to find the highest dishwasher drain hose point. You need to make sure you get an air gap.

To link it together below the sink’s drain line, you can use a piece of wire or similar items. You just have to make sure that you secure it correctly so the dishwasher water can flow as required.

Once a stable high loop is built on the site, you don’t have to worry about having drain line issues anymore. It’s an easy dishwasher structure that you can build without needing external services.

Final Thoughts

When you research, you can find things about high loop installation, how you need to secure the trap, and how it can help your sewer and siphoning structures. Your plumbing can go from a state of destruction to something better.

There are two things you should remember. This post was a discussion to help you understand the basics of a dishwasher, sink, etc. Online data may teach you about water pressure, how your sink works, and what an air gap can do – even so, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask and get local assistance.