Your toilet in the bathroom consists of the bowl unit that sits on the floor and the toilet tank that holds the liquid to be released when you flush the toilet.

The bowl is just a solid porcelain piece with a drain fixture and doesn’t contain moving parts. However, the tank is where the valves and handle are located. Here are where most common toilet issues occur. Though water may not drain down the tube, it’s often easy to deal with these plumbing problems yourself with a quick trip to the hardware store.

Here are some causes and quick toilet fixes:

Replace the Ballcock

Most toilets offer refill valves of various designs. The old style is called a ballcock. They often have issues, and you may need to replace them. Just follow these instructions:

It’s a good idea to shut off the water supply line before you start. Get your tools together, and place them near the bottom of the toilet and to the side. Ballcock valves are older and prone to various issues. Replace it with a modern float-cup fill valve. It’s easy to install the new one. Please shut off the water supply first to prevent damage to the pipe.

Leaking Toilet

Repair the Flush Valve

The fill valve or flush valve is in the center of your tank. This brass or plastic fitting is attached to the bottom and operates with a rubber or neoprene flapper. You must lift the tank lid for this project.

When the handle gets depressed, a chain lifts the flapper away from the fill valve seat so that liquid goes into the toilet bowl. You shouldn’t have to turn off the supply line first. Flappers are the seal to ensure the water refills in the tank and don’t leak. Consider replacing the flush valve and flappers.

Fix a Running Toilet

One very common issue is a running toilet. It’s easy to fix, and it happens because the flapper isn’t seated correctly or the water level is too high within the tank. This means water can flow over it and into the tank. You can quickly adjust the water level and flapper valves when you tighten everything down.


Loose Flush Handle

Another issue is the flush handle can loosen with time or might disconnect altogether. You can reconnect the lift chain. Also, check the mounting nut inside. You should tighten it or add more nuts to counterbalance.

Toilet Leaks at the Base

Many toilet issues start at the tank, but one can be at the toilet base. If you notice the toilet leaking, water seeps out from the base of your toilet to the floor. You must remove the toilet.

If there’s a leaky toilet, you are going to see water around the toilet base on the floor. Typically, this happens because the wax ring doesn’t seal against leaks anymore. You can replace the wax ring and have to remove the toilet to do it. Take a putty knife and get rid of the current wax ring, getting close to the drain. Then add more wax rings and check for a leak again.


It’s possible to fix a leaking toilet, and it’s usually easy to do. However, replacing certain parts is ultimately the easiest option and can help you avoid a problem. Fix your toilet with these simple repairs now before things get out of control!