Spring clean up has arrived in Washington and Idaho as well as in most parts of the world with the end of March, and that means several things. The sun comes out for longer, the birds sing louder, April allergies come back with a vengeance, and of course, it is time to do your spring cleaning.

An April spring clean up should be a deep clean and a checkup for your home, and here are some of the best maintenance tips that can make sure your spring clean up both is effective and doesn’t take forever.

HVAC Filter Replace

How To Do a Spring Cleanup

While doing simple tasks like cleaning the bathroom and washing all your winter clothing is pretty standard, a spring cleanup should be something special that you do for your home. For this article, we are going to focus on the maintenance tips that can make your house ready to endure another year of use.

First, take a look at your HVAC filters and dryer. When was the last time you ended up cleaning that area of the house? Make sure to inspect all of the filters and either clean them if they are reusable or toss them out if they are not.

Having clogged and dirty filters in April not only prevents the air conditioner or heater from working as effectively, but it also causes problems for your health as well. Some of the dust and grime caked on the filter can get through it and get into the air. Make sure to clean them.

Throw Out Yard Waste Outdoors

While most people think a spring clean up is solely for the inside of the house, there are some outside items you can focus on as well. Clean up your trash cans, add mulch to the flower beds and shrubs, mow the lawn and remove the dead grass, and also do an inspection of your home and driveway for both cracks and yard waste.

If you see any cracks in the pavement or the foundation of your home, make sure to get those filled or fixed depending on what you need to get done. Cracks aren’t just eyesores but can either be the symptom or the cause of several problems for your home. Fix them early, before they get to be too big!   

Clean Outdoor Surfaces

Make sure to remove all stains and debris from your deck, driveway, fence, and other outdoor areas. Having a freshly cleaned outdoor area should make you want to use it more, and you can take advantage of the lovely April spring weather out on the lawn! It’s certainly a lot warmer than the nippy fall air, and the residents of your city might want to come around and see your new landscape.

Pressure Washing








Most outdoor surfaces can be cleaned with a bit of soap and water, and for your home, you might even be able to scrub off any peeling or cracked paint. It’s a simple matter to repaint the affected area as well, so you’ll get a fresh coat of paint for the months ahead. Show that to your local city residents and see what they think!


Do What Needs To Be Done

There are a select few groups of people who can make spring cleaning fun whenever it needs to be, but for the rest of us, it can be an un-fun slog. Cleaning the yard, the lawn, and the entire house just seems like more work if you can’t get it done early.

Break your cleaning down into tasks and see what can be done each hour, and you may soon find that your cleaning is going to be done faster than you could have thought possible!