SewerGard Warranty

SewerGard Warranty
Sewergard Warranty

After your purchase from SewerGard (whether it is a water pipe, sewer line, etc.), customers and clients are entitled to a 90-day coverage that begins upon the start of the sewer line inspection for the sewage system. If you received a sewer line scope, the warranty is extended to six months from the initial inspection. The warranty is not transferrable, and all costs that may be incurred hereinafter are the responsibility of the homeowner.

What Is Covered Under Your SewerGard Sewer Lines Warranty?

The warranty is meant to protect you and covers any issues to the sewers lines, sewer system, water pipes, etc., that are a result of regular wear and tear. The warranty does not cover problems or damages to the pipes that are a result of user error or recklessness or things like tree roots or city work.

Coverage and Warranty –
Leak? Surface Water? Drain Issues? Toilet Problems?

Under the SewerGard warranty, normal wear and tear that affects the water line and sewer line can be claimed. The water line is the service path that connects the meter to the home. The water line is typically heat resistant and can withstand temperatures in the area. The sewer line is the lateral sewer service line that goes from the exterior of the home’s wall to the wastewater collection system or septic tank. It is also known as the sewer pipe which takes the sewage away from the home.

Warranty Exclusions for Your Cast Iron Sewer Pipe/Sewer Line
from SewerGard

Under SewerGard the following may be reasons for the warranty is invalid and may not be repaired under the life of the warranty.


  • Problems that arise after the warranty has expired or that were not properly reported.
  • Third-party damages that result in a break of the tube or breaking of lines.
  • Pre-existing renovations to the installed sewer, for example, updating old clay sewer pipes found in older homes, is done at one’s own risk.
  • Natural disasters, which could impact the surface area and the other materials of the pipe.
  • Pre-existing damages that have already been claimed and are in the works.
  • Repairing underground sewer lines that are shared with another property.

Contact Us for Questions

If you require more information on the difference between what is or is not covered, it is best to contact SewerGard, where a representative can assist you with your warranty.

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