Keeping your air conditioner maintained is essential because you’re going to save money, extend the lifespan of the unit, and reduce costly repairs. Your AC unit needs routine attention to ensure that it’s operating at peak efficiency. Our Washington and North Bend AC inspection services are available to help you identify problems in a new or old home. We recommend that you utilize these air conditioner maintenance tips right before the cooling season.

Remove Any Debris from the AC System

On the outdoor unit, you should remove the fan cage. There should be fasteners, so get a wrench or screwdriver. Then lift up the fan grill. Remove the leaves and debris with your hands or a wet/dry vacuum.

Clean Fins

Remove the outer cover and vacuum the outside dirt. Use your garden hose to spray the fins from inside to get rid of dirt and debris.

Clean Around the AC Units

Once you’re done cleaning, replace the cage. Rake away leaves and cut vegetation to 2 feet away from the air conditioner to promote airflow. Cover the top of it with plastic in winter. Most service experts recommend this to help in cool temperatures.

Look at the Evaporator Coil and Drain

Systems often have coils inside the blower to absorb heat. Find the door and remove dust and spray it with a no-rinse coil cleaner. You can also utilize hot water, bleach, and soap. Check the thermostat throughout the day in each room to make sure the central air is running and working correctly. Also, check refrigerant levels and call a professional to add more.


The condenser unit sits on a pad, and it could tip with time. Keep your home comfortably by leveling the unit.


Every six months or so, you should update the filter in the house. This is one thing that benefits you, and filters are inexpensive. Take care to provide regular maintenance for your cooling system. Air conditioners need routine maintenance to provide cool air. Check everything periodically to keep your home comfortable.

It’s important to do this to protect your A/C system. Our AC, HVAC, and duct inspections experts in North Bend and Washington State can help.