When selling your home, a real estate agent can only do so much to make the property look and feel amazing. One of the best ways to strengthen the condition and verify your home’s readiness for being sold is through a home inspection.

A home inspection is an examination that requires a home inspector to enter your home and make sure that vital systems are safe for potential buyers. Additionally, an inspector will look at the overall condition of the home and propose any recommendations for improvement.

Some Things a Home Inspector Looks Over

A professional home inspection consists of having home inspectors check for safety issues. Inspections also consist of looking for potential problems with the roof system, electrical, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, water heater, sewer lines, and drainage and water damage.

In the end, you receive a written report on the current condition of your house that may appeal to a buyer.

Preparation Checklist for Your Home Inspection

Clean. This makes the process of home inspections much easier for inspectors. Clear a path to crawlspaces, clean all appliances and furnace filters, and ensure there is plenty of walking space around the exterior of your house. You never know where an inspector may need to get to.

Test different features. See if all light switches work, open and close windows, confirm the functionality of garage doors. This allows you to identify any issues about the physical structure that the inspector can also review.

Provide keys to inspectors. You are not going to be present during the inspection, so you want to ensure to provide keys so that inspectors can enter safely and find everything easily.

Complete repairs and improvements. If you have identified problems that are not too major, it may help to conduct those simple repairs, such as light bulb replacements.

Before leaving the house for the inspection, ensure all laundry and dishes are put away, leave keys and remotes for everything, and check that all utilities are on. You should plan to leave about one hour before inspection time.

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The home buying process is full of risks. Potential buyers ask questions about the integrity of the property before signing a contract. An inspection can give your house listing an edge.