Home Inspection Seattle, WA

Home Inspection Services in Seattle
Home Inspection Services in Seattle

Home Inspection Services in Seattle, WA

Seattle is a beautiful city with countless amazing properties. However, before you buy, you need to make sure you have an expert home inspection done for the property you are considering. Not all home inspection companies are equal. You will need to work with our certified home inspectors in Seattle, who have earned a great reputation over the years.

A failure to have your home inspected properly could result in you buying a property that has severe problems that can be incredibly costly to repair.

 Here at Eastside Home Inspectors, our professional Seattle home inspectors are trained to look for a wide variety of issues. We thoroughly inspect all parts of properties including walls and ceilings, appliances, roofs, attics, ventilation, external conditions and surfaces, floors, slabs, foundations, plumbing and electrical systems, and every other important area of the property. Oftentimes, property issues go unnoticed by realtors, homeowners, and real estate buyers on home tours and routine damage checks.

 We look for structural damage, water damage, termite damage, etc. in addition to many other issues that can happen to a property. Our home inspection reports are extremely detailed and provide information about the condition of every area of the property. This includes any type of damage or problematic issues that we discover, as well as our Seattle radon and mold testing.

 Eastside Home Inspectors services the entire city of Seattle, Washington. We do certified inspections for existing properties, new construction, home foundations, FHA/HUD compliance, radon, mold, moisture, and home components. So, whether you are looking to buy a brand-new house, or an old one in one of Seattle’s historic districts, we can provide you with an expert property inspection.

 Once the inspection is done, you can make a much more informed decision about whether or not you would like to buy the property. For many individuals, a house is the most expensive thing that they ever purchase. If you work with Eastside Home Inspectors in Seattle for a home inspection, you will be able to avoid making a major mistake by buying a home with severe hidden issues.  

 Our mission to provide 100-percent accurate and highly detailed home inspections to each and every single one of our clients so that none of them ever regret their home purchase! If you want to buy a property in Seattle, Washington, feel free to call Eastside Home Inspectors to book your home inspection today!