Gutters are a crucial part of home drainage and can work for years. You know your gutters need to be cleaned when dirt, debris, and twigs have started to build up from elements, such as rain water. To minimize major damage and clog potential to your gutters, it is best to regularly clean gutters at least twice a year. The ideal time to get your gutters cleaned is towards the end of each spring and fall season. Clogged gutters overflow and can become loose. Our Washington and North Bend area home gutter inspection professionals can identify issues with a home’s gutters.

How To Clean Your Gutter Yourself
Though you are no pro, home DIY gutter cleaning can save you a ton. You can start by getting a sturdy extension ladder and placing it firmly on the ground. Stand on the ladder, with your hips against the rails. Wear a pair of garden or work gloves to protect your hands while you are near the gutter guards and place them on the roof. Get a trowel to scoop and clear the leaves, twigs, debris, dirt, and whatever else may be trapped in there. Use a bucket to collect all the buildup and try scraping out whatever harden particles are on the bottom. Ensure you are wearing safety goggles. Get a hose and flush the gutter system with water while checking the flow. Next, you ensure the downspouts are free from any debris that may get lodged inside. if there is a blockage, you can run the hose toward the downspout while gently knocking the sides to dislodge whatever may be causing the said blockage.

Gutter Maintenance Home Inspection Services

Gutter Cleaning Service
Hiring a professional service for cleaning gutters a great and easy way to clean your gutters and never have problems, such as mold. The cost to hire gutter cleaning services can be between $75 to $350. They get the job done properly and can conduct a repair or install new gutters after they inspect the roof.

Gutters and Downspouts
You should check your downspout for flaking, rust, or paint peeling, leaks, and if fascia boards have dry rot. Gutters that do not play their roles put the foundation of the house at risk, so make sure to do the necessary checks around your home. Our home inspectors in Washington and the North Bend area can help with home gutter inspections.